Liberty Swing 2019

Let’s talk about Liberty Swing Dance Championships. This event was one of the events that was on my dance bucket list since I found about about this world of WCS events 2 yeats ago (but I guest most events are on this list now ?)……, and Iwill definitely go back someday because it’s awesome. I would qualify this event as a competitive event. There are a lot of competitions (strictlies, ProAms, routines and JnJs), and most workshops are parallell so you can’t be everywhere and have to make choices.

The venue is located in the beatifull city of New Brunswick, with nice restaurants within 5-10 minute walk from the venue.
On Thursday I took a walk to see all the beautiful historical buildings including a statue of our very own Dutch Prince Willem the Silent (see previous post)

Loved the Jordan&Tatiana Intensive and the conpetition intensive of Robert Royston.

The ProAm JnJ on Friday was so cool. Great opportunity to dance with Champions and All-Stars. I had a very lucky draw. I got to dance with 3 Champions (and 1 AllStar, sorry forgot your name ?) Ben Morris, Jordan Frisbee and Gregory Scott. This was amazing and I was placed 2nd in Intermediate ProAm JnJ and winning a nice Liberty t- shirt. Good start of the weekend.

I competed in my first role switch JnJ. For the outsiders during this competition you have the switch roles several times during the dance. The level was high and several Champions and All Stars also competed, but it does give you the opportunity to dance with some awesome dancers and experience some switching you never thought was possible ? Dancing with Arjay Centeno was so much fun and at times I had no clue what was going on. You get like 6 dances with y different persons to give the judges the time to see evey competitor, and wouln”t have mind if they let us dance like 6 more.

It seems I am in this positive flow in Sophisticated this year, because I made finals again. Thaks Dominique Morin for leading us into 5th place! Yeah!

Also made finals in Intermediate JnJ. Thanks Trentan Lancaster for the fun dances and our 9th place!

I liked the option of the Liberty tattoo instead of the wristband (eventhough mine got half off already day one). Nice to have the free continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Loved the free pizza on Fridaynight and can’t stop thinking about the free dessert buffet on Saturdaynight, a good reason to come back to this event ?

Other nice things were the opportunity to take a 2 minute private for $5 dollar (but I didn’t do that one), the $1 charity dance with the Pros and the $5 dollar Sumday night surprise workshop (also for charity).

If have to say one thing that could be better it would definitely be the temperature in the ballrooms, it was good for late night dancing, but during the intensive and as a spectator I was freezing. So bring a sweater if you plan to go to this event. Good thing is that there was a free livestream and the option to watch the main ballroom from your (warm) hotelroom on the tv.

Thanks John Lindo for organing this, thanks to all the amazing leaders I danced with, my lovely roomies Felicia, Trish and Exenia, Nigelle, and all the new friends I made for making this a fantastic weekend.

And last but not least Marc, Gabi und Bernd vielen dank for your company during diner and for giving me a ride to my AirBnB in Dallas ……

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