D-Town Swing 2019

You might have thought I forgot to post about D-Townswing….but I didn’t…I had to recover from the swungover during a very busy week at work and preparing the Sunday Swing in Utrecht and my travels…..

My second D-Townswing was just as excited as last year, eventhough I lacked a bit of energy recovering from a heavy cold.

I think this was the biggest group of Dutch Westies coming to a non Dutch event (I counted 18) I’ve seen…so let’s see if we can make that a habit….and also some awesome results with 8 JnJ finalists and one couple that made finals in Strictly. Eventhough some may not got the results they hoped for, you all made me very proud!

Competitions at this event are extremely well organised. No long times waiting while marshalling, and I liked the straight to awards concept when the last finals were danced on both Friday and Saturday. Huge shoutout for the scorer of this event Piotr Wiƛniewski!

All European on Friday was great fun with Alan Thivoz!

My competitions on Saturday were more succesfull then I expected considering my energy level. It didn’t feel as good in Intermediate prelims, but still managed to make semis. Semis went way better and as a bonus I made finals. Thanks Vasili for the lovely dances!

Sophisticated prelims felt way better and also was rewarded with finals. Thanks Mike for the fun dances in finals.

Workshops were inspiring as you can expect with this teacherstaff and I even followed some all-level classes as a leader. On Sunday each level had a 2-hour workshop twice, like two mini-intensives there was more time to go in-depth. Really liked the musicality workshop from Ben and Victoria.

Three nights of live music of the Hockridge brothers was fantastic!
The Proshow danced on livemusic was epic, as was the Pro’s singing on Sundaynight.

This is definitely onr of my favourites, thanks Marc Heldt, Andrea and all the volunteers who made this possible!

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