KIWI Fest 2019

My first KIWI fest 2019: Love edition and my second Ukranian event Ukraine stole my heart. The friendly atmosphere on and off the dancefloor. It was the love edition, and I definitely felt loved. Thanks to everebody who danced with me, huged me, cheered for me, and gave me all their positive energy.

Compliments and hugs for Nataliya KaneRoman Cherednik and all their volunteers for putting down this awesome event.

The venue is maybe quite a ride from the airport, and almost in the middle of nowhere, but once you’re there you’ve got everything you need for a full weekend of awesomeness.

II love when there is time between the workshops,competitions and socials so you can socialize, have lunch and dinner and there’s no rush to get to competitions.

? Thanks to all the Dj’s it was hard to stop dancing, the music was awesome. 
And the band on Sundaynight…what can I say…superb…..always stay for live music…just be there next year and you know what I mean.

Thanks to all the teachers . ?
Inga and Sylvain for working showing how to get a better connection with your partner ├índ with the floor ?

Semion and Maria love your classes, as always? It seemed as if all the puzzle pieces fell together and my dancing felt so much better during comps and social (eventhough my legs hurt like ….).

Stephen and Tara…your classes were full of positive energy and humor and gave me a lot of new inspiration for my dancing.

Adj Bro….your a great dancer with an awesome personality. Thanks for sharing your vison, and your passion…this will definitely make a difference in my dancing…wait and see next time we meet ?

Chuck…didn’t know what to expect from your Movement, Music and Emotion workshop. It’s a great concept, and eventhough it didn’t feel in a safe setting to let go of all my bounderie. I definitely let go of some and will work on showing more me in my dancing.
If you get a chance to follow this class and ready to take a deeper look at your self and break some walls down, go follow this class (just be aware it can be intense…if you have questions come talk to me about my experience…..)

Dancing is so much more than learning patterns and trying to copy other peoples styling and moves. Try to find your self, and show that in your dancing. I’m not there yet, but definitely a few steps closer.

And then there was also competition. Thanks Kris Nerczuk for dancing strictly with me. It was great fun during strictly and also the rest of the weekend. Hope to see you someday soon!
And in Intermediate Jack&Jell it felt as if the things I’ve been working on fell into place. Making finals already was as a reward for the hard work. And than I got to dance with the awesome Jean-Nicolas Winter and we were placed 3rd ?

Thanks Ilga for being a lovely roomie! Hope to see you soon ?

And last but not least huge thanks and hugs to Die Manschaft for cheering for me in finals, for all our nice chats during diner and lunches, for our wonderfull dances and for celebrating my 3rd place. Ich liebe euch alle…..?

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