Paris Westie Fest 2019

I had a great time at Paris Westie Fest 2019 – Registry event last weekend. Thank you Ludovic Franc en Sandrine Tarea and their staff/volunteers for putting together this amazing event.

The Dutch communitiy was represented by 9(!!) dancers this time. Good to see how everybody enjoyd theirselves in the workshops and the socials and improved their dancing over the weekend.

My biggest achievement this weekend is that I made it to the highest level of workshops by auditions. Proud that they thought I could handlte the Advanced/All-Star level classes in this event. Those classes were beyond awesomeness, mindblowing, challenging and a bit confronting now and then. I learned so much this weekend and I had so much fun. Tons of inspiriation.

Thanks to John Lindo, Philippe & Flore, Lee & Fabienne, Sebastien& Blandine for your awesome classes and feedback
Special thanks to Gary & Susan ?. Loooved your classes.The structure you use in your teaching, the energy and dedication. This really going to help met to help me from were I’m standing now to were I want to be. This came on a perfect moment in my dance journey.
I’m going to work hard so that before the end of the year I will totally kick asses in sportlight finals (setting some goals ?

Competion-wise I wasn’t able to show all I got in Intermediat JnJ.I’m satisfied that I danced more clean than my last competition and that I convced at least one judge 🙂 But I have to become more consistent as an Intermediate dancer.
Very proud on my Bestie Westie Mariska, who made semis in Novice for the first time. You improved so much and totally deserved that place in semis. Keep up the good work and you’re going to make finals someday soon ?
Also very proud on myself for really showed what I got in Sophisticated prelims what resulted in making it into finals in that division. I had some fun dances.

Thanks Kathrin for our late night feedback chat and our plan to give eachother more feedback in the near future.

Soooo, this is a nice not too big of an event. Very easy connection from the airport to the event hotel (and neighbour hotel) .
Competition was pretty efficient because of the two-floor strategy in prelims. The recycle cups to avoid the massive us op plastic during events like this.Good variety of music, althoug I prefer less zouk ?

Thanks everybody for the awesome dance and the nice conversations. Hope to see you all again soon!!

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