Budafest 2019

The week after…..finally created some time to look back at BudaFest 2019, my first time at the biggest WCS Event in Europe. I’m very impressed, almost speechless. Huge thanks for Adam, Rita, Gábor and their team for putting down this tremendous event. You are all amazing!!

? More than 1000 participants and all workshops, competitions and shows run almost perfectly on time (compared to the schedule that was printed weeks before the event!!!!). And because of the ‘almost’ Adam apologized an promissed to fix that next year?, although I think most of us didn’t even realized the delay of 11 minutes somewhere during the competitions (but it makes you wonder why some small events don’t seem to manage this kind of time management ?)

??? Even though there were more than 1000 dancers the event didn’t really feel colossal. The only moment I was overwhelmed by the massiveness of the event were the moments where everybody wanted to watch the (higher level) competitions and shows. If you wanted to find a good spot you needed to sit down approximately half an hour before scheduled time, otherwise you just weren’t able to see anything, but you could choose to keep dancing and go sit down in front of one of the two big screens when it actually started.

? All levels had to audition, even though anyone on WSDC Intermediate and above was automatically level 5. Level 5 was just dancing as a reference for the other levels…..and because level 5 (and level 3) had the early workshops on Saturday and Sunday it meant I had to get up ‘early’ ? every day of the event. I would have appreciated if they alternated the early workshops with the level 2 en 4 workshops.
? Another little point of improvement was that because I moved up to Intermediate, and I registered as Novice, I got the wrong sticker for the auditions. And they couldn’t fix it at registration, but I had to go explain the situation at the auditions on Friday morning. It just wasn’t really clear who to talk to and it took a while (and some frustration) before I got the right sticker…..ofcourse it all ended well and I guess I was one of the few persons where it went wrong, so in that light I think they still did pretty awesome 😉

?I loved the breaks in the schedule between and after the workshops. It gives you time to catch up with old friends, relax, go sightseeing and making new friends.
Durig the competition it was possible to social dance in the hallway or on the part of the floor that wasn’t used for competition.

? The venue is at a dream location in the middle of Budapest, walking distance to the city center and a lot of tourist places. A (paid) shuttle service to/from the airport is offered, and the location is only a few stops by metro from the Train station.
Boat party on Sunday night offers breathtaking views of the River Danube, Chain Bridge and Parlement House.

?‍?The teacher staff was amazing, loved all workshops and the teacher shows (routines and lead-follow) were extremely inspiring.
? Tj Bednash sure put his stamp on this event with his energy, and sense of humour
? I liked the variety of music during comps and socials

? Thanks Wayne Powell for our lovely dances in Sophisticated finals! Missed you at the awards, but very proud of our 5th placement.

? And ofcourse there’s the famous pillow thing. You can use the pillows to relax, throw to the dancers if you liked what they were doing and after the event adopt one for a year and bring it back next time you visit Budafest.

? In my opinon definitely an event you have to experience at least once in a lifetime.

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