About last year…

January 6th!!! tonight I celebrate my personal ‘new year’s eve’ or ‘old years day’ on the dancefloor in Budapest so it’s time to look back at the past 365 days and set new goals for the year that is coming.
Last year I made the decision to go to an event every month to be able to practice more to improve my dancing…well I guess I can mark that goal as succeeded….what a freeking awesome year it has been!! ?
I started to believe I could make it into Intermediate someday… there were a few disappointments along the way, but that is part of growing. I kept practicing, kept dancing, and kept believing in myself (with a little help from others now and then) just because I love to dance and I get energy from the smiles from the people I dance with. I met so many new people and spent awesome moments with ‘old’ friends. I stepped out of my comfort zone by competing in crazy fun competitions at Bavarian open and Swingvester and danced my very first real spotlight at TAP.
And after my win at the US open, with the amazing Nicole Treksler, I can proudly say I’m Intermediate. Time for new goals, new dreams!!

Little summery of the last 365 days:

  • WCS brought me to 2 countries and 5 cities I’ve never been before (i.e Ukraine and Hungary, and Vienna, Kiev, Zurich, Munich and Budapest)
  • First time dancing WCS in France, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary (now danced WCS in 12 different countries)
  • went to 14 ? WSDC Events: Paris Westie Fest, Swingtzerland, Dutch Open, UK&European WCS Championships, French Open, D-Townswing, Neverland Swing, Bavarian Open, Ukranian Open, WCS Festival, The US Open, TAP, Swingvester and Budafest.
  • went to 5 social events: Carnival Swing Cologne, Cologne Swing Weekend, Tipica Swing and Jingleland
  • was placed 2nd in Novice Strictly (with Paul Pronk) at Neverland Swing
  • made it into Novice finals at Dutch Open, French Open, D-town Swing, Bavarian Open and WCS festival.
  • was placed 5th in Novice JnJ at Ukranian Open (with Aleksandre Pschelkin)
  • was placed 1st in Novice JnJ at The Open (with Nicole Kesler)
  • was placed 2nd at Sophisticated JnJ at Swingvester (with Zoltan Szkuban)
  • Made it into Intermediate finals at TAP and Swingvester and earned my first 2 Intermediate points ?
  • Huge thanks to Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals who have worked with me last year (and the year before) and always believed I would make it into Intermediate. Love you guys! You inspire me! Love your energy and I can’t wait to work with you again this year. ??

    Thanks to all the leaders (and followers) who danced with me in competition and during socials! You all made a difference and helped me in becoming a better dancer!

    Special thanks to my bestie westie Mariska Visser for all the fun times and joining me on my journey! It wouldn’t be the same without you ?

    I’m so ready for the next 12 months. Tons of stuff to work on. Let’s see how far I can grow in my dancing this year and if I can make more finals in Intermediate!!!

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