The After Party 2018

The After Party – A West Coast Swing Experience is an unique event where you can take solo classes in different styles like ballet, traditional jazz, contemporary and hip hop, ánd WCS classes. Downside is that it is not always easy to choose between al these awesome classes? I wanted to follow almost every single one of them, but live is full of difficult choices. I mainly focussed on taking the solo classes because you don’t always get the chance to have solo classes from these awesome dancers. ‘Missed’ a few classes because I also wanted a private with Hugo&Stacy, and a liked to have break now and then, but managed to follow a total off 14 classes from Thursday till Sunday. Classes I took:
* Beginning Ballet technique (Annika Välimaa thanks for this lovely class)
* Hip hop from the amazing Karin Kakun. Can’t get enough from her classes, eventough it was quite challenging 🙂 Love her style so much!!
* Wake, Stretch and Move classes on Saturday and Sunday. Really nice to get those stiff muscles ready for a new day.
* Fosse jazz class from Myles Munroe. A look in the stylish and sexy dancestyle of turned-in knees and rolled shoulders. This was really fun to do.
* Movement and styling from Emeline Rochefeuille. Challenging as always, but great way to be working on some footwork.
* Contemporary classes from Larissa Thayane, Igor Pitangui and Jakub Jakoubek were my absulute favorite, the all made sóoo happy. Not sure which one to pick as my favourite, because the all were so different, but they all contributed in loving contemporary even more. ?
* partnered hip-hop contemporary from Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals was a lot of fun.
* WCS clases like the awesome Shag footwork from Maxime Zzaoui and Torri Smith-Zzaoui, and the “Lighting” concept by Hugo and Stacy

Very nice idea to award people for coming to classes by giving them a #GetToClass shotglass (get your bib number stamped every workshop you take en hand it in after the award cermonie in exchange for the glass)

Nice discounts on food and drinks in the hotel, and a nearby restaurant.

Besides the regular JnJ and Strictly competitons, there is also the fun ‘One world One love” competetion where they pair a US dancer with a non-US dancer, and the Dj battle, where the DJ’s got to choose their teams with strictly couples.

Some critical notes
* I didn’t like the lights they use for socials. You may call me sensitive, but I got a bit disorientated by it,
* I didn’t like the music on Sundaynight (to monotone), but it got better after 3.30ish ?
* Music was really loud, so don’t forget to bring earplugs if you love your ears
* let’s say there’s room for improvement for the marshalling of the One World competition ?

Huge thanx to Demetre Souliotes, Chuck Brown and all their volunteers for organizing this fantastic one of a kind event. This weekend was a lot of fun thanks to all the teachers, everybody who danced with me as a leader or a followers, and last but not least my roomies Joel Gibson, Alison Gibson and Selina Her.

Eventhough I placed some critical notes I would still recommend this event, especially because all the non-wcs classes gives you so much new inspiration and the atmosphere is good!!

One world, one love, work hard, play hard, get to class.

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