The US Open 2018

So, what to say about The Open ?
The opening ceremonies where fun. I do have to admit that it felt pretty awesome to walk down THE stairs carrying the Dutch flag, representing the Netherlands.
Thanks to my JnJ partner in crime Nicole Treksler I can now move up to Intermediate and may call myself officially “US Open 1st Place Winner in Novice Jack & Jill”, and as it seems the first Dutch to win a US Open division ?….. sounds pretty cool don’t you think…….. but there was so much more than that!!

The Open is considered to be the most important swing dance competition in the world, and to my humble opinion I think as a swing dancer you should at least go there once in a lifetime. You can watch (paid) livestreams, maybe some of the competition will show up on social media, but you can only really feel what’s going on when you are there. A whole weekend full off amazing danceperformances in all kinds of divisions in West Coast Swing, Shag, Hustle, Lindyhop and Cabaret. I only missed watching strictly shag junior because I wanted to got to Kyle&Sarah’s and Jordan&Tatiana’s workshop (who can blaim me ?).

If you don’t just want to only watch they offer a few workshops (additional fee per workshop or workshop package), and you can dance during the breaks and after the competition (till breakfast if you like).

I’m full of emotions right know. So much inspiration, new goals, new dreams! I say let’s do this again next year!!!! Who is coming with me?

Good to know:
* dress up for opening ceremonie if you want to take part (not mandatory, but you also look nice on the picures in case you make top 5 ?).
* Jeans are NOT allowed in any Jack & Jill or Strictly competition, if you wear jeans you get disqualified (in Novice JnJ there was actually a guy who needed to borrow pants 15 minutes before comps started ?)
* dress to impress on Sunday night ( not mandatory if you already got your award on Friday night, but recomended if you made finals in any other category. A lot off ladies show up in galadresses, and guys in suits)
* the best seats for viewing are reserved seats.
* if you compete you can also choose to buy a cheaper competitors pass, but you have to use the Open Seats or standingroom. Open seating is on a first come, first served basis.
* I experienced that a lot of the time the front row reserved seats weren’t occupied and they invite people to come down because that looks better on the photo’s and video. Only risk… you have to find another seat or stand if the owner of the seat shows up.

Some pictures of me:…/Opening-Ceremo…/i-k3hkxCp/A…/Wes…/Novice-JnJ/i-Mkxk5FC/A…/Wes…/Novice-JnJ/i-N4TWMFj/A…/Wes…/Novice-JnJ/i-95gzgV2/A…/US-Open…/Awards/i-Bt2TbjH/A

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