WCS Festival 2018

I had a great weekend at WCS Festival Düsseldorf last weekend. Marc Heldt and his team put down a WSDC event with a great social atmosphere. A relatively small event, still growing, with some big names in the teacher staff with Jordan&Tatiana, John Lindo, Chrisopher Dumond and Tara Trafzar, Ludovic Pelegrin&Ani Fuller, Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair. Don’t need to explain that those names result in super-duper workshops. Especially loved the energy and style of teaching from Christopher Dumond and Tara Trafzer, and Ludovic Pelegrin Pardou and Ani Fuller.
Unfortunately there was no official teacher presentation, but a spontaneously one popped up in the bar at Saturday night. The bigger ballroom closed between 1am-2am and the party continued in the bar area. Last bus to the hotel left at 4am.
Workshops and competition all run on time. Because there was only JnJ competition Saturday afternoon, there was lots of time for social dancing, catching up with old friend and making some new friends.
The shuttle service between the hotels and the venue worked fine (even though there weren’t as many as at D-Townswing). Only the Sunday night I would have appreciated if there would have been a bus to the hotel after 2am ?
If you like lots of social dancing, but also like to compete a bit, put this event on your calendar for next year.

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