Ukranian Open 2018

Epic weekend at Ukrainian Open WCS ??️ Thanks to Nataliya Kharlanova and Tatia Nika, and their volunteers for organizing this amazing event only 15 min from the beautiful citycentre of Kiev. Very friendly and social atmosphere, great teacher staff, MC and DJ team.

Workshops and parties are held at a dance studio with a huge (airconditioned) main ballroom, some smaller ballrooms, changing rooms, lockers and a little cafeteria. The ballrooms are on the 4th floor and to make sure everybody had a proper warming-up they made sure the elevator was out of order during the weekend.?
The event hotel is just across the street, and lots of other great accomodation possibilities as I heard from others. Cheap diner/lunch options nearby.
Gues the only negative aspect is that there where no really cheap tickets for a (direct) flight from Amsterdam to Kiev ?

Pre-party was also the wedding party of Natalya and Kevin, so that made this most special pre-party I’ve been to (pre-party was on the oher side of the city, but sharing Uber made it all work out fine).

The expression of rythm and swing of Melissa Rutz and Parker Dearborn knocks you off your feet and their footwork class was sóóoo awesome. And Hugo& Stacy…well no secret I am a fan ?…love their energy, and their honest and constructive feedback. Another private with them gave me so much new inspiration and selfconfidence. I was the luckiest girl in the world to be able to work with them two weeks in a row!!! Already looking forward to the next one ?

Followed the all level workshop from Rake Salo and Daria Komkina, as a leader since it looked like all the leaders where still a sleep on Sunday morning. They missed out an awesome workshop about connection and dealing with unexpected disturbance during the dance (e.g. stop of movement by the follower/leader).
There was also an acroyoga class and a nice opportunity to learn a routine and perform in the Sunday night show. Skipped those opportunities cause sometimes you just have to make choices

Some people warned me that in Eastern European events leaders won’t dance with the “Sophisticated” dancers (was that a friendly way to tell me I’m getting old? ?) because there are many young (and advanced) followers. Well I had plenty nice and awesome dances with leaders from all kind of levels, and made lots of new friends this weekend. So huge thanks to all the leaders and followers who danced with me this weekend! You all where awesome ?

I competed Novice JnJ this weekend and was placed 5th with Александр Пчелкин. спасибі (hope google translate didn’t let me post a dirty word ?)! Our final dances where so awesome!
For my Dutch Westie friends I’d say this event is kind of the same size and atmosphere as Dutch Open ….definitely recommend this event if you like a relaxed schedule and a relatively small event.

I definetely wish to come back!

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