Bavarian Open 2018

The day after Bavarian Open WCS 2018…….My feet are sore, my whole body hurts and my head is spinning with all the new stuff I learned last weekend. My private with Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals gave me an new energy boost, and lots of stuff to work on to move my dancing to a next level. But also the workshops from John Kirkconnell & Alyssa Glanville, and Pj Turner&Tashina Beckmann King where inspiring as always.

I had a great time with the Atlanta westies Sam, Sheila, Lou, Mary Lynn, and Anne Clifford. Thanks for you company this weekend and all the fun dances.

I competed in the hilarious Sepp&Heidi JnJ, Novice JnJ and Sophisticated JnJ. Huge thanks to all the leaders in prelims and semis for the great and fun dances, and special thanks to my leaders in finals.
Totally out of my comfort zone with Sepp&Heidi JnJ, dressed up in my Dutch dirndl, dancing on the very special Sepp&Heidi music. Thank you John Kirkconnell, it seems we need to work on our horse moves if we want to win the context next year ?

10th place Novice JnJ. Florian Simon, I loved our dances in finals (and social). Looking forward to dance with you again! Wait a bit for making it in to intermediate so I can draw you again next time ?

10th place in Sophisticated JnJ. Alain Bouleaux, merci pour tous les bonnes dances en final y en social.

Thanks to Dirk Haage, and his volunteers for organizing this amazing event in the beautiful city of Munich. Most gorgueous venue for a WCS event I’ve been to, good atmosphere, the midnight snack on Friday, great teacher staff, and great music.

Theme parties are not really my thing. Eventhough dressing up is not mandatory but appreciated If an event has a themed party I try to find something matching the theme. Often that means to try to fit in extra outfits in not so spacy carry-on luggage (or book with check-in luggage) because after midnight I prefer a more comfortable outfit for the social dancing. All 4 nights at Bavarian are themed. For Oktoberfest and Gala I brought some extra outfits, for the pre-party (bavarian colours) and sunday (pyamaparty) I found something suitable within my regular and comfortable outfits.

If you ask me Bavarian Open is a great experience with a perfect balance between workshops, social dancing and competition (including diner breaks), and very tasty awards……Saturday is just about competitions, but I think that’s actually quiet relaxed. Strictlys on Sunday gives you the opportunity to find a strictly partner during the event.
If you like big events with full-packed schedule, and lots of workshops, this might not be your best choise, otherwise you should definitely put this on your wishlist/calendar.

Now I need some sleep and recharge for next weekend….
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