French Open 2018

I had an awesome weekend. Lots of stuff to work on but honework has never been more fun….. quite some blues in the workshops (but no surprise with classes from Thibault and Estelle)
Besides all the great stuff I learned at the workshops, I definately improved my WCS French… so a lot of French, but it didn’ bother me in the workshops. Although the 3-hour intensive of Maxence and Virginie was a bit more intensive becaise ot was mainly in French…..but still quiet understandable…. and most people are willing to translate to fill in the gaps…..guess speaking WCS helps ?
Proud I made it into finals out of 79 follows. Placed 12th so that means another Novice point in the pocket. Had a great time with my roomie Kathrin. Practising our Switch skills ( workshop we had at Paris Westie Fest) was great fun and a great way to work on connection.
Main conclusion that it is a great event, but you have to take in mind that the main language is French (or maybe I didn’t regonice it when they spoke English ?), but there’s always the classes given by the non-French teachers, in English. Also MC by Olivier mainly speaks French, so worse thing that happened is I probably missed some Fench jokes……. Also there’s a lot of competition (JnJ, strictly, Prom-Am routine, Rising star, Showcase, classics, jumior), a lot of them in the afternoon ( which I think is a good thing) ├índ some late night shows. So if you like to watch WCS you’re good, or you can take an extra break. Lunch- and dinerbreaks are scheduled so you don’t have to choose between taking care of your inner body and dance …..and there’s a late night foodtruck in case you run out of fuel ….Event is breakfastproof in case you like to dance all night and sleep all day.
I think the atmosphere was really good althought I experienced a lot of bumping on the dancefloor(s) friday and sundaynigh, so maybe some people didn’t follow the workshop “take care of yourself and of your partner”?
Main conclusion: I might be back next year….

Long days short nights, I think I feel every muscle around my shoulder blades, hips and legs and my feet are killing me right know but can’t wait for the next socials this weekend in Nijmegen and Utrecht. Save me a dance, lead or follow ?

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