UK & European Championships 2018

Good first impression at UKChamps. Got a nice booklet at registration with all the info you need to now for the weekend. Great all-level workshop from Robert Royston and Brandi Guild about match the move. Floor is still a bit slippery at some spots but might get better during the weekend. Social didn’t really start before 01.30 and there where way too much followers, but I had some great dances and even had the guts to ask Gregory Scott for a dance (missed the opportunity at Florida Dance Magic ?). #dutchwestieontour#wcs#westcoastswing#wcsaddict#crazyaboutwestcoastswing

Great classes on Friday. First a musicality class from PJ and Tashina. I like their energy and way of teaching, learned a lot, so let’s start with trying some of that stuff at the socials. Then a counter balance class from Gary and Susan. Got some homework to do ?
And the day ended with a footwork class from Emeline. Challenging as always, and even though she said it’ts not about learning the routine, but it’s about learning to work with your feet, can’t help to get frustrated a little bit. Seems so easy when she does it ? Ok, she made up the routine, practised her footwork for hours and hours and is extremely talented, but still…. homework I guess ?
Friday night I the watched the strictly competitions. I like to watch the creativity and styling of others. I had some great dances at the social, although it’s quite a challenge to get on the dancefloor with the inbalanced leader-follower ratio. But still having a lot off fun and looking forward to Saturday’s classes , competition and social. They might livestream at (dancetvuk) comps starting at 2pm.

Saturday’s classes where mainly about styling. PJ and Tashina started the day with a little routine to bring us out of our comfort zones. Then we had an awesone musicality class from Gregory and Lemmery about phrase changes. Second time I followed one of their classes and they just seem to give me the right tools at the right moment. Jordan and Tatiana’ class was about creating and using the windows of opportunity, “talk and listen”.
Had some great dances in Sophisticated JnJ prelims and lets say I wasn’t really surprised I dindt make it through prelims in Novice JnJ.
The Proshows where freaking awesome, or maybe I should say Jordan was freaking the rest pretty awesome ? sounds more exciting than it was but not sure if I ever have the guts to ask him to dance with me ?

My Social Pro Awards go to Tashina ? and Adj Bro​ ?. They where on the dancefloor the minute they entered the ballroom. Can’t imagine there’s is a leader who didn’t get a chance to dance with Tashina this weekend or a follower who didn’t dance with Browly.
Not only a pleasure to watch Tashina dance, but also great to see how she’s asking people to dance with her, first asking their name and then introducing herself “Wanna dance? What’s your name? Hi, I’m Tashina”…..and Browly was dancing with his whole soul, as usual, melting into the music an giving each and every follower their best dance of the evening. #danceaddict #westcoastswing #wcs #dutchwestieontour #bestsocialdancer #crazyaboutwestcoastswing

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