Dutch Open 2018

I had a blast this weekend at Dutch Open West Coast Swing 2018! Little bit of a Swungover today, need lots of sleep. A hot bath and a massage sound really good right now…….

Huge thanx to Manoah, Femke, Nettie and all the volunteers for organizing this event in our little country. Such a peronal and warm welcome for all the participants, little candy bags, homemade tasty snacks and cake at the socials. Such a good atmosphere this whole weekend.
The venue was great and the enthausiastic hotel staff made it even more special.
Amazing teacher staff! The workshops gave me so much new inspiration and tools to make this dance even more fun. Lots of stuff to work on!

Fun dances in Sophisticad prelims and Strictly prelims. And my first European final in Novice JnJ ?

So much fun at the late night (or should say early morning) socials. Nice to meet all the ‘old” friends and making new friends. Thanx to the Dj team, especially Chris and Filipe!
Thanx to all the leaders who danced with me and gave me the opportunity to experiment with creativity in the lead and follow interaction. Dancing West Coast Swing becomes more and more fun every time I get on the dancefloor.
Hope to see you all soon, but definitily at Dutch Open 2019!

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