Paris Westie Fest 2018

Loved the workshops today from Philippe and Flore. Very technical. About rolling of the feet and connection and we got some DO try this at home drills for balance. Loved their approach!

Unfortunately didn’t make it through prelims JnJ, neither in sophisticated. I think had some great dances, and lots of fun, but for now just not good enough to convince the judges. Got some stuff I want to work on……and hé, why not start with that tonight at the social!
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Sundaymorning I made it to the breakfastclub. Lucky for me they served breakfast from 4am ? and together with lots of other Westies we ate breakfast before we went to sleep. This was a great way to end a night with awesome dances and nice company.
On sunday morning Stephen and Sonya worked with us (in 3 consecutive workshops) on stretch, making things work when disturbed (how to make your dance look good with bad lead/follow) and showing you understand the phrasing of the music.
Sunday night after awards there was a social till oneish, but it felt a bit weird they started to break down the dancefloor already at ten, so the floor was getting smaller while we danced. I called it the night a little bit after one. Nice cozy event with English speaking MC and teachers and a free reusable Paris Westie Fest cup to be used for the water they supplied. Definitely an event you should consider to put on your schedule. #dutchwestieontour

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