About last year …

January 6th is my favorite day to look back and to look forward…

* went to my first WSDC event (Dutch Open)
* won Dutch Open Newcomer JnJ with Robert Schmidt?
* went to my first non-European WSDC event (Florida Dance Magic)
* earned my first WDCS Novice points?
* won All-American JnJ with Robin Smith at Florida Dance Magic ?
* placed 2nd in ProAm Strictly with Manny Viarrial at Florida Dance Magic ?
* placed 3rd with Buz McCreary at WCSTuesdays Jack-N-Jill Night ?
* won High-Low JnJ with John Troost at Tipica Swing Festival?
* won Strictly Swing with John Troost at Jingleland?
* placed 2nd in JnJ with Michael Schupp at Jingleland ?
* danced a flash-mob for the first time
* started taking Hip Hop and Jazz ballet classes??
* I made over 250 new friends worldwide, according to facebook (sorry but I can’t invite all of you for my birthday party ?)
* drank my first sugar push ?
* closed the ballroom 3 times
* missed one survivor picture because I left 10 minutes too early ? (Floorplay Swing vacation)
* danced WCS in 6 different countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Poland and the US)
* went to 6 WCDS Events: Dutch Open, Neverland Swing, Florida Dance Magic, Citadel Swing, Warsaw Halloween Swing and Floorplay Swing Vacation
* went to 6 social events: Swingplicity, European All Stars WCS championships, Tipica Swing, Cologne Swing Weekend, Dutch Zouk Festival, Jingleland
* and went to a lot of socials in the Netherlands and in Belgium

I had an awesome year. I danced with worlds best WCS dancers and with worlds awesome social WCS dancers (that’s almost everybody else 🙂 )
Huge thanks to Maarten van der Bruggen&Judith Leupen(Crazy Swing Utrecht), Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals, and all the leaders who danced with me and helped me to improve my dancing. And thanks to Mariska Visser and everybody else I had fun with off the dance floor (e.g. citytour, breakfast, diners, chit-chat etc).

This year was great, I’m curious about what I can make out of the next 12 months…..

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