Floorplay Swing Vacation 2017

What an incredible way to ring in the New Year! I had a blast at Floorplay Swing Vacation this weekend in Orlando! Thanx April Prince and Danielle Blouin Oates, and all their volunteers for organizing this great event!
The venue, the ballroom, the staff, the music and over 700 ? dancers over the whole weekend!!! Perfect balance between workshops, socials and competition. Wow!
Great DJ’s! Perfect mixture between blues and (fast and slow) contemporary songs (and some country 2-step. I even danced hustle ?)
On Thursday I took a private from Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals. So grateful I had another chance to work with them. Love their energy and perfectionism. Lots of stuff to work on the next months, but I think I already made some progress over the weekend.
I competed in ProAm JnJ and Novice JnJ this weekend. ProAm is such a great opportunity to dance with worlds greatest WCS leaders! I was lucky to draw PJ Turner, Mike Topel and Hugo Miguez and was placed 7th out of 40+ (all level) Followers ?
In Novice JnJ Shawn Mcgettigan (with matching outfit ?) and I where placed 7th. Thanx Shawn for our awesome dances. Proud that I made it into finals out of 50+ followers. Huge thanx to all the leaders I danced with in prelims, semis and socials. Some of you made me rise above myself.

Too sad I left the ballroom 10 minutes too early for the Sunday nights survivor picture (5.58 ?), but my legs where too tired and the music didn’t seem to stop at all…. but at least I was in time for the breakfast club in my hotel room ?

If case you like to see some video’s of my competition:
ProAm JnJ

JnJ Novice finals:

Happy New Year and hope to see you on the dance floor real soon!

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