About Me

I am a Dutch West Coast Swing addict from the Netherlands. I found out about West Coast Swing in the summer of 2016. Made my first triples and anchors in an introduction workshop where they learned us some basic moves: sugar push, left side pass and right side pass. I was immediately hooked on both the music and the moves, and very eager to learn more.

Fascinated about the possibilities of creativity and improvisation both leaders and followers have in this dance I travel around the world whenever I can to take classes from world’s best instructors, to train, to social dance and to compete.

I am dedicated to build and grow the West Coast Swing community in the Netherlands and since 2020 as a Teacher certified in the Swing Literacy Development Method , so now I can also help others to reach their dance goals. In my classes I strive to learn students how to create their own dance, not how to dance endless patterns.

I started this blog to show people how West Coast Swing enriched my life.

In this case I lead, you follow
( …..but you’re very welcome to respond to my messages…..

I am a US Open 1st Place Winner in Novice Jack & Jill, how cool is that?