Tipica Swing Festival 2018

Tipica Swing Festival 2018 was so much fun last weekend!! Such a large turnout!!! Not only dancers from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium, Germany, France, the US, Russia and Canada (ok some of them actually live in the Netherlands, but still ?).
Thanks Manoah and Femke and their team for organising this great 100% social event! And an event at Tipica wouldn’t be the same without the delicious pastries made by Nettie Hermens and her sister! First class work Ladies!

Workshops from Emeline&Jakub were challenging and fun. Most definitely going to try to add some J’em into my WCS ?
Workshops from Torri and Maxime gave some new insights in musicality, French connection and Californian styling…and as always a fun atmosphere during their workshops.

A lot of social dancing, a cozy atmosphere, workshops and time for conversations with new and old friends. Thanks everybody for the awesome dances! Look forward to dancing with you all real soon!!

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